7 Amazing Tips For Birthday Photography

If there is an event where we always use our digital camera, this is the celebration of a birthday party, we try to pick that special moments to watch again and again. In this article we tell you a few simple techniques to make better pictures on birthdays.

1. Call an official photographer for the party
First of all, if you won`t take the pictures yourself, call an “official photographer”, Someone should be responsible for taking pictures. Assigning someone responsible for taking pictures, avoid the risk of running out immortalized in this special event.

2. Use the perspective of children
Children have a very different level from adults. To photograph, it is preferred that instead of taking pictures from your natural position, point your camera down, bend over to take the pictures to young children from their own height.
This make the pictures much more natural. You’ll see how this new approach gives your pictures a touch of additional interest.

3. Play with different positions and focal lengths
The first of these different positions is that we just talk about, crouched at the same height as child.
But do not just take the pictures from that position. Evidence from other angles and positions, climb on a chair to take pictures, drop down, try a different angle, etc… The important thing is to take pictures from different perspectives each time.

Also try with various focal lengths. The focus will allow you to take short overviews of the site where you are, while longer focal lengths allow you to capture and isolate the details more easily.

4. Adjusts the white balance
If you’re shooting in JPEG photos and it is inside a room, either flash or artificial light, do not forget to adjust the white balance before you start the party. You can use one of the modes of white balance presets to bring to your camera.
If your camera lets you shoot in RAW and you’re using it, you do not have to worry about setting it up. And the white balance adjustment is one of the many advantages of RAW versus JPEG.

5. Find the detail
Not all the photos you take can be overviews of the party. This is usually a good idea to look for little details that will represent a birthday party better: decorations, candles on the cake, a gift, etc…
Be sure to take pictures of those little details. Also this will help you fondly to remember your special day.

6. Plan your photos
There are some very special pictures on birthdays. The time to blow out the candles or when receiving and opening the gifts are two moments that represent the magic of birthdays.
For this type of photos, whenever possible, you can do some preliminary tests to see which is the best distance, lighting and settings of your camera.
The moment of blowing out the candles on the cake goes very fast, and just choosing a good location, lighting and camera settings get the desired result.

7. Take photos before and after
You can take a while before the birthday and after the end to make some photos. The details of the cake or decoration, the area where the party is going to do.
If you make those pictures when everything is prepared before your guests arrive, you will have more time and peace of mind to do this.

There are other times you can pick up too, like the arrival of the guests. If you seize this moment, you have special and amazing photos.