A French colonial town abandoned in Cambodia

Station Bokor Hill is a French ghost town in the middle of Preah Monivong National Park, southeast of Cambodia . What are today only ruins began to be built in 1921 in Damrei mountains, 20 km from Kampot.

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The main function of this spooky building today was to be a resort for the French colony. The settlers fled Phnom Penh seeking a haven from the heat, humidity and the unhealthiness of those payments.

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The story at all cheerful building this mole that ended in this state of forgetfulness that 900 people died in nine months. Of all the complex rose, all attention is focused on the Bokor Palace Hotel & Casino, which included stores, mail-which was later demolished, a church and even Royals Departments.

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The time splendor of Bokor Hill was really short: by the late 1940s, and following the First Indochina War, was abandoned. In fact, local insurgents took the focus area making it constant combat, to the point that peace returned there past the 90.

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Currently the resort is deserted, and except for the post, make all buildings or what are still standing. In the vicinity you can visit the waterfall (in high season is usually dry) and walk 10 km is also the Black Palace (Veang Khmao), which was a former summer residence of King Sihanouk, who has suffered the same fate as Bokor Hill a decade.

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If you find this abandoned in its current condition rust and decay populated, you better hurry, because projects are shuffled to put it back in good condition for its tourist exploitation. You can visit Bokor Hill taking a tour, and will soon take a new route up there, and become even more accessible to all travelers arriving in Cambodia .

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