Alcazar de Segovia

lcazar of Segovia. It is the most famous medieval postcard of all Segovia, the capital of the province. Its silhouette is monumental, and is one of the most beautiful castles in Spain. We also include it as one of the points in a medieval route to drive in the province of Segovia.

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The Romans transformed the land into a sizeable city, and Segovia endowed with its spectacular aqueduct – which is a tourist-masterpiece in itself. The province of Segovia, with detainees in castles, unique architecture villages, offers the possibility of making a route (for verily, all very near Madrid) uniting some of the castles and most beautiful villages in Spain. From jewels like the Alcazar de Segovia, perhaps the most photogenic Castle peninsula (or without doubt one of them), to villages of yellow or black (with their slate roofs) architecture. Segovia is a collection of places that inspired to get to the road to explore.

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To make it easy (and by way of suggestion) diagrammed a route by selecting points with the style of the sites that we like to highlight on the blog, or curious, or barely known true jewels. In total, we add 9 points in the route, ideal to start from the same Segovia, or from Madrid (the route may also vary, as suggested is only an alternative).

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The total distance between point 1 and 9 (can see the route on the map below) is 191 kilometers, about 3 hours in total, this tour can be changed on the basis that the road holds new unexpected stops to take pictures, or meet new people who call our attention. The estimated times to make the path to “flip” little have to do with the real time if we stop or we will doing night at different points of the path. One of the points (the number 2) for example, is a suggestion to visit the castle of the city of Segovia, a city that just may require at least one night in the place.

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The fairytale good-looks of ‘el Alcazar de Segovia’ have made it Spain’s most famous castle. It’s also rumoured that this little fortress was the inspiration behind Cinderella’s Castle in Walt Disney World. The Alcazar is located in the stunning town of Segovia, which is an-hour-and-a-bit from Madrid – and so a popular daytrip from the capital.

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I visited the Alcazar in Segovia in about 2005, when on a study exchange to Spain. I remember first catching sight of a photo of it in a the Lonely Planet, and then making a bee-line straight to the town to explore this amazing piece of architecture. Indeed, if you stroll along el Camino de la Cuesta de los Hoyos, the small, wooded road which runs in front of the castle, it almost appears as if the alcazar is sailing towards you – cutting through the arid plains of Spain, perhaps in search of the New World.

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The castle’s rocky outcrop has been shaped, over time, by the waters of the Rio Eresma, which flows gently in front of the fortress. Indeed, the confluence of the Rio Ciguinuela and the Rio Eresma, which meet in the centre of Segovia, made this an attractive spot to found a town, way back in Roman times. The Romans transformed the land into a sizeable city, and endowed Segovia with its spectacular aqueduct – which is a tourist-masterpiece in itself

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Alcazar de Segovia
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