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Strange houses in the world

Images for Strange houses in the world

  Always the house was also a way for men to express their own world and not just a shelter from the elements and animals.In this paper, we present the very special case that we make with DIY or signed

How to take photos in front of the christmas tree


  Now there is little left for Christmas Eve and Christmas. This holiday season, everything around us changes to catch a special appearance. The streets are decorated, filled with lights, we decorate our homes … It is a unique moment

Icons for Retina Displays Ultra Detailed


IOS icons have come quite a way since the debut of the iPhone. They now appear on different platforms, from the iPhone to the iPad (and soon iPad mini), to Macs with the latest Mac OS Lion Mountain. With the

Egypt photos gallery

photo of Nile River Aswan Egypt

Arab Republic of Egypt country mainly in North Africa and the Sinai Peninsula forming a land bridge in Southwest Asia. Egypt is a country and thus intercontinental, and a great power in the Mediterranean basin, Middle East and Muslim world.

Most beautiful photos of Andorra city

photo of andorra la vella winter

Principality of Andorra speak locally of Andorra, also called the Principality of the valleys of Andorra is a state land-locked small in southwestern Europe, located in the mountains of the Pyrenees Oriental, bordered by Spain and France is the sixth

Beautiful images of Argentina city

photo of Argentina

Argentina is a city in Argentina. Argentina is a country in South America, bordered by Bolivia and Chile to the west and south and Paraguay to the north, Brazil and Uruguay to the north-east. Argentina claims sovereignty over part of

Amazing photo of Turkey city

istanbul photos

Turkey, known officially as the Republic of Turkey is a country sound Eurasian located in western Asia and Eastern Thrace in southeastern Europe. Turkey is surrounded by eight countries: Bulgaria to the northwest of Georgia Bank of Greece to the

Beautiful images of Mexico city

picture of Mexico city

Mexico officially United Mexican States and the constitutionality of a federal republic in North America. Bounded on the north by the United States of America to the south and west of the Pacific Ocean to the southeast by Guatemala, Belize

Best photos of Hong kong city

beautiful photo of hong kong

Hong Kong is one of the special administrative regions of the Republic of China (PRC), the other being Macau. Located in southern China to the coast and surrounded by the Pearl River Delta region and the South China Sea, known

Beautiful picture of India city

picture of Taj Mahal

India is a country in South Asia is the seventh largest country in terms of area, and the second largest in terms of population with more than a billion people, and the largest democracy in the world. Forced on the