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Halloween Makeup – as a zombie at a Halloween party


Maybe something is too early, but have been ideas about how you show up at the Halloween party this year? You will attract not the costume from last year, or? Same applies to your festive make-up. Have you turned up

25 Stunning Photos

Bliss by Marsel van Oosten

  For a photographer, the camera is like a window on his world view as well as emotions. A very clichéd phrase without doubt, but that fits perfectly with the collection of photos of this article. For people looking for

Get Best Photos of Long Exposure

Best Photos of Long Exposure

One way to fix it would be to use graduated neutral density filters . These filters are typically used in landscapes and coasts, but we also help in balancing the lights of buildings of urban night scene for example. But

lens cleaning for camera

The best way to clean a lens is not to get it dirty. I use a prophylactic filter on my lenses all the time, usually an 81A warming or UV. I clean the filters and rarely need to clean the

Camera and Hand Straps

A hand strap improves the handling of every camera – especially during long shootings. It helps to stabilize your camera and therefore makes it possible to shoot sharper pictures. Additionally it supports your hand and prevents muscles exhaustion. The hand

sony nex dslr cameras

Very bright macro ring light with separably usable sides of sony camera This macro ring light for DSLR and EVIL cameras allows you to equally illuminate your subject from any direction. Left and right side of the ring light can

canon camera accessories lens

Made in Germany (Hannover) by ENJOYYOURCAMERA The all new ENJOYYOURCAMERA Follow Focus Lens Lever is a very easy and affordable follow focus solution. You will get a professional lens lever which will fit nearly every lens. A special patented cable

action level cross camera

Description This two-dimensional Digital Leveller allows an accurate balancing of the camera in two spatial axis. Features 13 LEDs for simultaneous two-dimensional indication With additional 7 LED side level indicator Works in landscape and portrait position Adjustable LED brightness and

Fish Eye Lens for micro 4/3

The Fish-Eye Lens by walimex pro makes a whole new view of things possible. Due to the unique perspective, your creativity is not limited. Whether in panorama and landscape photography or in narrow rooms, with the walimex pro Fish-Eye you

access to your camera

The camera is connected with the R-Strap via its tripod socket. It rests at your side or back. Just grab your camera and it glides smoothly to the front. Once connected, the camera hangs upside down, resting securely at your