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Faces of Afghanistan: a village in eternal conflict looks

Faces of Afghanistan (1)

The people of Afghanistan has not stopped suffering armed conflicts for decades, but its inhabitants don’t give up and do everything to survive. Photographer Steve McCurry has compiled a series of portraits taken in Afghanistan and refugee camps, places that

A blue Cenote Oxman pond in Yucatan

cenote ponderosa

A blue pond to swim between vertical walls of 20 meters deep and the jungle (Cenote Oxman, Yucatan) The title is almost the description of what is a cenote, present in much of the Yucatan Peninsula: an opening in the rocky

Amazing pictures under water

wedding photo underwater

We bring 15 breathtaking photographs under the water that seem to be unreal by the incredible display of photographic art. A unique sample of specialty and photographic technique known as underwater photography. Recommend you see an old related entry of

Petra Monuments Photos

petra jordan weather

Petra is a top tourist attraction in Jordan. It is tucked behind a wall of rugged mountains, a well-kept secret that continues to beckon to tourists because of its unrivaled views of the ancient world. This city is amazingly carved

Cool Halloween make-up tips for a unique look

unique halloween make-up tips party makeup for women

Halloween is a celebration, which puts together tradition and fun and brings together millions of people in a unique way. Perhaps you agree, especially if you are real fans of this world-famous festival. In various countries, according to different interests

Halloween Makeup – as a zombie at a Halloween party


Maybe something is too early, but have been ideas about how you show up at the Halloween party this year? You will attract not the costume from last year, or? Same applies to your festive make-up. Have you turned up

When nature turns on the light bioluminescence

bioluminescence living light

A while back, in an entry named five nocturnal phenomena for a once in a lifetime . And among them, we highlighted the bioluminescence (light output in certain living organisms) in one of the most spectacular examples, when millions of

Photographs of persons in household

persons per household uk

We are all aware of the global problem of pollution, but almost nobody travels account how much waste we produce every day. Gregg Segal, a California photographer, aims to show this issue through powerful imagery, shooting people in their weekly

40 Photos of London in HDR

hdr photo before after

After 40 HDR photos in Madrid , and after 40 HDR photos of Paris , it was the turn of another major European capitals. “The HDR (photographs High dynamic range ) or high dynamic range are the result visually to

Amazing corners of movie

corners movie

  On the quality of Spanish cinema there are different opinions, very positive and very negative, but if anything is clear is that Spain is one of the favorite countries of national and international directors to shoot their films. At