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The most beautiful temples in the world (Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi)

sheikh zayed mosque friday

The selection of photos below, is an attempt to show in pictures one of the most beautiful temples in the world , and while affirming field enter pure subjectivity, it is not hard to believe. To confirm this, perhaps serve

A pristine beach in Turkey

oludeniz beach sand or pebbles

A pristine beach in Turkey it is so beautiful at ground level as their aerial views. Ödëliz is called and is a tourist village in Fethiye, southwest of the country . The extremely clear waters of the Mar Eg eo

40 Photos of London in HDR

hdr photo before after

After 40 HDR photos in Madrid , and after 40 HDR photos of Paris , it was the turn of another major European capitals. “The HDR (photographs High dynamic range ) or high dynamic range are the result visually to

The Seven Wonders of Spain Rural 2013

Ciudad Encantada, Cuenca

  We discover the top seven rural locations currently in Spain thanks to , which proposed a total of twenty national rural points to vote all Internet users. The survey, open from 28 October until 19 November, has received

Best photos from National Geographic you surely had never seen

national geographic photos contest 2014

Last month, the cult magazine National Geographic celebrated its 125 years of existence. On this occasion, it gives us an insight into his archives. Great shots that were never published in the magazine but a wonderful tumblr.  

A monastery hanging on a lake in Italy

Santa Caterina del Sasso

  On one side of Lake Maggiore, in the Lombardy region (Varese) is as beautiful as a former monastery, as attractive as captivating. It is the Ermita Santa Catalina del Sasso (Eremo Santa Caterina), which functioned as a shelter of

The transparent house

Transparent House in japan

  When you talk about something that has nothing to hide and conceal it is often said that such a thing is like a glass house . The glass is, by its nature synonymous with transparency and brightness. The house

1964 Ferrari 250 LM – Auctioned For the record sum of $ 14.3 Million in New York

1964 Ferrari 250 LM - Auctioned For the record sum of $ 14.3 Million in New York

This year during theauction “Art of the Automobile”, organized by Sotheby’s and RM Auctions , and held in the city of New York, 34 vehicles were offered trophy with a total combined value of $ 50 million (€ 36.5 million).

Navarra ornithological tourism, bird watching in unique locations


  Navarra is an ideal destination for bird lovers. This is one of the richest bird points of the Iberian Peninsula, largely due to its strategic location along the migratory path of the Pyrenees. For this reason, the Government of

25 Fantastic Designs Cards


The advantage of writing lists on cards is that you do not risk running out of creative and inspiring designs . The imagination of designers is unlimited, new maps appear every day on the web, all more original than the