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The Philippines to the United States via New Zealand and Senegal, here is a selection of the strangest places in the world. These photographs reveal to us nature in all its forms. Explained or inexplicable natural phenomena surprise us and overwhelm us with questions. What for? How? All these questions that come to mind when contemplating images Retba Lake in Senegal that shows a pretty impressive pink.

A tree grows amid a scattering of approximately 300 stone

The scientific explanation is that this color comes from algae and the high salt content of the water.

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A stone that moves on its own Phenomena that amaze us especially movement of these objects which seems unlikely in the image of this stone in Death Valley, California in the United States.

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It can therefore be seen as a stone behind it a trail zigzags continues as if it had been moved. The strangest thing is that nobody has ever seen him move. Scientists do not really have some especially that the stone in question weighs hundreds of pounds rational explanation.

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In times of drought, this place seems deserted but it is in fact a lake. Scientific theories would like when this place is filled with water, strong winds would push the stone. Still, the stone has traveled more than 200 meters from its original location. Drops of blood and a starry cellar Equally impressive, “blood drops” in Antarctica. The vision of this reddish cast is amazing and looks even macabre. It is on the Taylor Glacier lies this natural phenomenon that looks like a crime scene.

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When scientists discovered this place in 1911, they initially thought it was a seaweed that had colored in red ice. Finally, one of the most beautiful places in the world certainly is in New Zealand. Underground caves of Waitomo River are probably the most amazing place. When tourists are walking around in a boat, they can contemplate a sparkling ceiling. A image of a starry sky, these flashes come, in fact, to-shining.

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