Making Digital Photos With Dragan Effect

In practice with Photoshop, we will explain amazing photo effect which is “Dragan Effect”.

The choice of photo:
The first thing you do is select an image “normal”, which we will apply a series of corrections and effects with Photoshop. The image must already have a certain touch of “dark” in its composition: many shades and lack of sunlight.

The effect Draganizer:
On the chosen image corrections applied are basic cropping (crop), curve fitting and brightness / contrast. The first part of the application of postprocessing in photoshop action called Draganizer.

For those who have not quite used to deal with actions, do not worry. The Photoshop implementation of this action takes some time, especially because you have to be taking decisions during the execution, where popups will appear, indicating what you have to go and then continue.

When the action indicates that we should review with the black brush to 13% of the areas we want to clarify or enhance the photo, go over and over again with the brush you want to highlight those areas until they were fully exposed. To do this, adjust the diameter of the brush to work comfortably.

The justification is that any failure at this point would spoil all the work done with action, can make this darkening of the edges later for an alternative. The truth is that the image is quite dark, so you can always underexpose the corners at the end.

With the completion of the action, our process has concluded.

With the menu Hue / Saturation (Hue / Sat, Ctrl + U), desaturated color 30% approximately. With this get more pallor to the face, giving a touch of “cool” to photography.

Then work with the balance of color (Color Balance, Ctrl + B) of the photograph. In this section you can work with the light tones, medium and dark. The adjustment of these colors is minimal, only a few points.