The Curious temple thousand steps in India

Indian culture has always been very wise and learned through the ages manage to survive in places where resources were not readily available. The baori are an example of the architecture of India , always careful detail, ornamentation and functionality at a time.

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The baori are wells that are dug to reach the water table and store it in the rainy season. The funny thing is that such specific work ends up being a very attractive building, as Chand Baori, the most famous of baori made ​​in India .

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Chand Baori is also one of the deepest wells that stage throughout India: their ladders draw a spiral down 3,500 steps to reach where water flows. Work done in the ninth century, few people have the privilege of coming to know the people Abaneri near Jaipur .

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This staircase, which seems infinite, is located opposite the Harshat Mata Temple . The upper floor is a beautiful gallery with arcades. Browse the baori involves thirteen floors up and down. You can relax on the terraces in between the stairs that descend 30 meters inverted cone shape.

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In the temple of the thousand steps rooms where we gathered for rituals to celebrate. There are other baoris (or wells) in the area and all of them fulfilled a dual purpose: religious and to supply water in winter when it was the dry season.

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If you decide to visit this amazing place, you must enter on the north side where images of Ganesha and Mahishasuramardini escort the sanctuary. So intricate constructions that make it appear that the man could not be able to create them give rise to legends. In the case of Chand Baori is rumored to be created in one night and it has so many steps to make it impossible for someone to retrieve a coin drop downhole.

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A temple surrounded by a thousand steps , an architectural work as stale as mysterious intrigue any traveler.

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